Jan Schmidt-Whitley grew up in Paris (France). After his studies in economics in Bordeaux, he has long been involved in the field of humanitarian aid and public health, before taking his first steps as a photojournalist in Turkey. From the Gezi uprising to the clashes between the army and PKK separatists in the Kurdish provinces, Jan Schmidt-Whitley has followed the plight of Turkish civil society. 

In France, he was a first-hand witness to the social movements that regularly shook the country (Loi Travail, Nuit Debout, Gilets Jaunes). Since then, Jan Schmidt-Whitley has divided his time between working with NGOs and the press and a series of documentary work focusing on the Belarusian diaspora. 

Launched in 2020, this ongoing reporting explores the fate and concerns of this diaspora, particularly in Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and Georgia. This exhibition is the first to present part of this project. 

He lives between Paris and Vilnius, home to a large Belarusian community.

jan schmidt-whitley | documentary | photojournalism

Jan Schmidt-Whitley is a French photojournalist.
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